Monday, March 29, 2010

drew + ellie

last week, A and I went to see some of our dear friends play in concert. drew and ellie holcomb. drew and ellie were the musical guests at the YL camp where A and I met 3 summers ago. they are so wonderfully talented, love the Lord and are absolutely adorable together.

the first stop on their spring tour was my little city in SC and so we went to visit and see them play. it was so wonderful to visit with ellie and catch up on each other's lives. she radiates such a sweetness {a gift the Lord has given to her no doubt} and it comes through just when talking with her. what a blessing to be around. her hubby drew is a great guy and the two together create such perfect music. i just love it.

although i usually forget the camera, or bring the camera and neglect to take pictures, this time i made sure to capture a little of the action.

my pictures of the stage turned out horrible. so i grabbed this one off of ellie's facebook from their night in SC. much better and i'm sure she won't mind!

i decided that in this picture, i look like i have on some sort of weird hat. i assure you i do not. must have been the wall of posters behind us. but i still just love this picture of A and I.

we had a fabulous time seeing our friends and getting to catch up. y'all definitely need to check them out {here}. amazing music i tell you.