Thursday, March 18, 2010

the madness

march madness. oh how excited i am.

i was raised with blue blood being from the great state of KY. cheered for the cats growing up. went to school there. graduated from the university of kentucky, which only heightened my pride in my university. i am obsessed with college basketball season (as any cats fan will tell you).

the madness is beginning this week. i have yet to fill out my bracket (even though i have already printed it out). and let me feels good to be a number 1 seed. college basketball is a given in kentucky. you love your blue. cheer your heart out. and when you have a good team, my oh my, does it make the season wonderful. (although i do cheer for my cats when we are, ahem, less than perfect)

this past weekend got my heart really pumping with the SEC tournament. sunday's game was amazing and i'm not kidding when i say i had a raspy voice come monday. it was amazing and exactly what this season is about. edge of your seat, heart beating out of your chest, pride oozing for your bluegrass team.

let the madness begin.


Julie said...

i love it!!!! i have been watching basketball for so many days and I didn't know what to do with myself when there wasn't any on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. I mean...the NIT does NOT count.