Friday, March 26, 2010

lovely friday

here is a little lovely friday post. it has been awhile hasn't it? and this lovely friday is coming to you just a little late because i am a slacker.

SC has been beautiful lately. in the 60's and 70's almost everyday, which makes me so very happy. i just want to sit outside all day on a blanket and read. nap. do anything. as long as i am outside. but i shouldn't/can't. i am oh so very allergic to the outdoors right now. death by allergies people. it's not pretty. and it hasn't caught up to me yet. so i'm trying my darndest to keep my windows closed and not be outside for long periods of time.

but that doesn't mean i don't dream of sitting outdoors. preferably in a beautiful backyard {that will hopefully be mine someday}. dining alfresco, drinking sweet tea and hanging out with my loved ones. makes me giddy just thinking about it.

something like this should do...

and i will take the draping fabric in either of these

or how about the fire pit in this little outdoor space?

and couldn't you just picture twinkle lights hanging in this yard at nighttime?

isn't the seating in this space so chic? i'm in love.

or this sweet bench...

and these last 2. i could curl up for a nap in either of these outdoor getaways.

i would even suffer through my allergies if i could just call one of these rooms mine just for a day.
all photos from domino {duh}.


Amy Kelly said...

I am so in love with the fifth space. It's so whimsical and romantic without being fussy, you know? I would totally drape twinkle lights, and maybe a few paper lanterns, from the trees. This completely embodies what my dream wedding would have been. Too bad I just couldn't wait until summer to marry my hubby (we had a January wedding). I hope to one day have a charming little outdoor space such as this. To be able to host the sweetest outdoor parties would be lovely!