Monday, March 8, 2010

two loves

both of my loves have to do with one name: stella.

the first is my sweet stella bella pup. well...she is actually not mine. she is rach's {one of my besties} and eric's. but she is my fur niece. and i miss her dearly.

i can't wait to get a pup of my own!

the next has to do with both rach and stella. my bestie rach has an online store, stella bella boutique. she makes jewelry that is so very cute and girly. dainty. pretty. classy. i could go on and on.

some of my favorite pieces include:

check out her online store {here}.


Rachel said...

thanks shannie poo!! little stells misses you too. she told me so. please come stay with her. addie would also like to meet you. she also told me that. and when you come, please stay with me for like 2 weeks - ok?