Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i'm a winner!

can you believe it? because i sure can't. i never win anything. ever. ever. and i have won 2 giveaways this year so far. y'all...this is epic. huge. insane.

first up, i won this little etsy print from wendy over at a southern accent. first giveaway win ever. i squealed in my desk at work. and clapped my hands like crazy. i was so very excited.

i can't wait to give it a little home. i was thinking of putting it in my bathroom. but first i want to get a big colorful frame (the print is 8 by 10) to make it look lovely.

i would call this next win the epic one. one of my favorite blogs in all of blog world is john and sherry over at younghouselove. they have a giveaway every week. usually there are like 2000 entries or more. so i enter all the time but never really thought i would ever win. and then one wednesday night, i got an email from the youngsters that i had randomly won. let me tell you...i looked like a madwoman. A thought i had gone insane. i ran around my apartment, jumping up and down, and yelling something like "i'm the luckiest girl in the world". just trying to be as candid as possible with y'all as possible ya know?

i won a $100 giftcard from lisa leonard designs in that giveaway. i got to pick out some precious jewelry and i got it in the mail today. everything is so so cute. let me walk you through the girly little pieces i picked out...

the middle oval necklace in the last picture is what i selected. it is very cute and dainty.

have y'all won any giveaways recently? share your little wins with me.


Julie said...

Shannie! You are so lucky! $100 gift card is amazing. All of those items are SUPER cute and dainty. I love them!