Thursday, March 4, 2010


i'm ready for...

1. warmer weather
2. farmers markets and fresh fruit

3. bathing suits and a tan

4. road trips and summer vacations
5. driving with my windows down
6. wearing big hats on the beach

7. going out on the boat
8. wearing sunglasses everyday
9. wearing flippers and freshly painted toes
10. green grass and leaves

can you tell what i am dreaming about lately?
photos that are not mine are from {here} {here} and {here}


Rachel said...

I am dreaming about all of these things ....
and I am also dreaming about visiting you when it is warm and sunny :)

I also can't wait for flowers to start blooming and the kind of weather where you can leave the windows open in the house.

Cory said...

i have been dreaming about all of this lately too! especially today when i have a cold so i'm home from work and woke up to a broken furnace - yuck! ahhh warmer weather come soon!