Monday, March 29, 2010

just call me queen

a coupon-ing queen that is. i decided in february that i need to start clipping coupons. i need all the dollars i can get right now and decided the sunday papers (full of coupons) were my ticket to savings.

enter cute binder stage right...

i thought "what better way to encourage my coupon-ing than to get a cute binder?" so i picked up a leafy print binder (from target) and some baseball card holders (from walmart) and made myself a little coupon binder.

i clip coupons every sunday and use them to save dollars at the grocery store. but i need to teach myself more. i hear people say things about double savings (where they multiply your coupon amount by 2) and how people save lots and lots of dollars (like $50+) on grocery trips. how do they do it you think? how?

so maybe just call me princess for now. i'm still learning. not a queen yet. spill the secrets will you? i want the dish on how to become a {coupon} queen.


Jen said...

You can't double your coupons yourself..the store that you go to has to have a policy of doubling coupons. I think that Kroger doubles manufacturer coupon's up to a $1.00 all the time. So like if you have a $0.50 off coupon for a general mills cereal then they will give you $1.00 your purchase.

clip away little friend!

<3 you-