Sunday, March 21, 2010

lost and found

this weekend, A saved two things in my life. made me so happy.

the first thing was so sad. remember when i introduced you to 'little one'? well, last week he escaped from A's apartment when one of his stupid roommates left the front door wide open. but on friday night, as A was out looking for him, he found him. made me the happiest girl ever. i love this little kitty and i was heartbroken when he was gone for 5 days straight. pure torture. but he is safe and sound and we spent some time this weekend cuddling him. (judge me, cat haters).

the next story of lost and found was insane. you probably won't believe me but i swear it is all true.

A and i like to go look at houses on pretty days. i can't wait to get married to A and have a little house with him. we are both so excited so we love looking at houses in neighborhoods we love. i jumped out of the car during one neighborhood to grab a flyer. as i was getting back in the car, my phone (which was in the door handle of the car) fell out, hit the ground and slid into a storm drain. all the way down. not even joking. can you believe that luck? i freaked. we stayed there in shock for a few minutes, realized we probably couldn't do anything and left. i was so pissed. how does that even happen?

we started driving to the closest sprint store to talk about my options. before we got there, A thought about calling the local police department. they might know what to do. maybe. i was doubtful but they said they would meet us at the storm drain. so we drove back to the grave site of my cell phone's death.

while waiting for the cop to show up, we called my phone. i could hear it plain as day, which meant it wasn't under water. thank goodness. i told A that i had some tire tools in my car if he thought he could use those to pry open the man hole. he fished them out of my trunk and pried the man hole. and there was my phone. about 4-5 feet down. no water and not even mud. perched on top of dry dirt. A climbed down, rescued my phone and popped back out. i jumped up and down and hugged him to pieces. i was so thankful.

probably my favorite part was that the cop called A right after that. A told him what happened, about climbing down the storm drain to rescue my phone. upon which the cop replied "wow. you are way more brave than i am".

hilarious. that couldn't happen again...even if i tried.


jenna said...

Haha i love this story! Awesome.

Julie said...

I wish you could have seen my face when I just read how it fell into the storm drain. I could just imagine it in slow motion. Good thing Andy isn't claustrophobic and is tiny and could fit in that hole!

Amy Kelly said...

Is it weird that all I could think about was the scene from Stephen King's "It" where Georgie's boat washes into the storm drain and we meet Pennywise?