Thursday, March 11, 2010

food for thought

lately, a lot of random thoughts about food are stirring around in my mind. i thought i would pour them out here on my blog.

today one of my favorite episodes of oprah was on. I don't normally watch oprah but every once in awhile, i will leave it on if i catch the ellen show before it. i saw this episode a month or so ago, loved it, so i sat and watched it again. it all had to do with food.

first, a guy came on and was talking about his book and his feelings on the food industry. it was very interesting. his thoughts were to eat meat that was organically raised on a grass diet. he also said to eat lots of greens and fruits. fresh foods. not eating anything you can't pronounce.

they also talked about the food documentary food inc. this was up for an oscar last weekend so it must be a goodie. i really would like to sit down and watch it. but i am such an animal lover and absolutely cannot stand to see animals mistreated. therefore, i don't know if my heart can take watching it. but i want to. thus, i debate it and can't decide if i can go through with it.

lastly, they talked to alicia silverstone who lives a vegan life. i have looked at her cookbook, the kind diet, that she has recently released. i think i am going to get it from amazon and read up on her lifestyle and get some good recipes. i probably will never ever be a vegan. i just don't know if that is the route that i personally want to take. but i do respect her and her values for food a lot and want to hear more about what she has to say.

it was a very informative episode and i want to start being more conscious of what i put in my body. i have taken baby steps but i definitely want to start challenging myself a lot more. i want to get away from processed foods and eating way more fresh. more seasonal fruits. more leafy greens. they are so good for you and i know my body would respond in a positive way.

i have considered recently about trying to eat vegetarian for a month. a little challenge for myself. somedays, i think i would like to be a vegetarian. other times, i think about just shifting to organic (even though i already try to eat organic milk and meat). i don't eat a lot of meat anyway but i do love my chicken and turkey sandwiches. so vegetarian would be a big step for me. i am just trying to decide what bigger steps i want to take so maybe i will just try it for a month.

feel free to post your thoughts. i love to hear what other people have to say on this topic. it is hard to change one's eating habits and i would love to hear what steps you have taken {if any} on changing the food you eat.


Lucianne said...

hey Shan! if you go veggie, have a plan for what you'll do to substitute protein. have ideas of quick easy things you'll eat. i'm veggie now, and when i started i only had about three things in my diet :/ but other than that, best of luck, and i applaud your conviction! :)

Jen said...

I've been reading up on these things too!! My main issue is that i don't like a ton of things that ARE good for my body. I love fruit but I'm allergic...ugh. veggies...some... i know i can be better about organic purchasing though. My main source of protein is definitely chicken, i don't think that I can cut out meat. good luck and keep us updated. i'd love to hear about the things you learn.

check out these trailers that christi from grey umbrella posted:

Rachel said...

I agree with Lu. You need to make sure that you're getting enough protein. Also, not eating meat doesn't always equal healthy. I have definitely met vegetarians that did not have healthy diets. I think that eating a nutritionally balanced diet is the key - veggie or not!

Also, through all of this, you cannot forget exercise! It is just as important :)

Best of luck! I am good about the exercise and not so good about the healthy eating. For instance I forgot my healthy planned breakfast at home :( So instead I ate truffles that someone brought it! haha

Shannon said...

Thanks girls for your comments. I appreciate your point of view!

I should have made it more clear on the blog, but if I do decide to vegetarian, it would be a decision based on my feelings towards the animals and how they are raised/treated. Not because of a healthier choice. And I appreciate the suggestions of having protein alternatives at the ready!

I'll keep y'all posted. Just wanted to get that little update in!


Day Old News said...

Oh how I have struggled with this! An animal AND meat lover, I am constantly asked by friends, "Wait, are you or aren't you eating meat now?" I gave up meat every Lent, then became a veg for 1.5 years, only to have one bite of pepperoni pizza last fall and I've been off the veggie wagon ever since. Struggling to climb back on...Good luck! Try Morningstar foods, it has been my biggest help.