Friday, March 5, 2010

lovely friday: memories oh memories

i figured i would combine two posts into one. i haven't done a lovely friday post in awhile so here is one thing that i love. going through old pictures on facebook.

i was looking for a picture on facebook the other day. and i found some wonderful old pictures from college. i thought i would share with blogland some memories from college.

you may recognize some besties in these pictures too...

i have been so blessed by our wonderful Lord with such a great group of besties. women that encourage me, pray for me, visit me, challenge me, make me laugh and be there for me when i cry because i am so far away in SC. they are women that i have grown up with both physically and spiritually. they are my greatest source of accountability and encouragement.

and for that, i am eternally thankful to the Lord.

i also had to include one of A and I. it was a few weeks after we met. we were with a bunch of friends shagging {a type of dancing in the carolinas} in a barn. one of my favorite memories. this was even before we were dating.

a trip down memory lane.


Julie said...

oh, yay, shan!! I love these pics. And blasts from the past. This pic of us is funny because it's from 4 years ago and we were so little back then! (I mean our age. Not our size).