Friday, November 6, 2009

lovely friday

so my sweets...i am back for another round of lovely fridays. up next? the outfit scarf.

now i should start off by saying that i am not really a scarf kinda gal. don't know why. i love to be warm in the winter. but i just never jumped on that wagon. i think it has to do with the fact that i don't really like when people touch my neck (random fact). at least that's what i'm sticking to.

however, the outfit scarf has stolen my heart. it's not the scarf you wear with a coat (i mean i guess you could) but it's more to accessorize an outfit. i throw mine on with a plain t-shirt every now and then and feel so happy. it's lightweight enough that i don't feel like it is secretly trying to strangle me and it is OH SO SOFT.

have y'all tried the outfit scarves? you should. they are wonderful. i am {somewhat} of a convert. i will now wear a {lightweight and soft} scarf. 
banana republic, jcrew and {maybe} ae are responsible for the pretty ones you see above.


Rachel said...

I love lovely fridays! I have a couple of these outfit scarves myself. I love scarves, but one thing I cannot get past is the summer scarf. It just doesn't make any sense to me.

Jen said...

agree with both of you! probably because we're each other's fans...its only right that we love many of the same things.

i love the mini stipe scarf you posted. AND the outfit scarf makes me think of fall. lovely.

Kayla said...

I might have to get one of these, I love soft scarves!

P.S. I bet Cory already has one :)

Savannah said...

the second is my favorite!! but i love them all :)