Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a picky writer

i am the pickiest person when it comes to pens. (weird and silly...i know) but true. 
i am a pen brat. i won't write with pencils. i like my pens. 
and sharpie read my mind. thank you sharpie for recognizing that i love writing with pens that are like small markers. and making them not bleed through paper. 
these will be forever be my favorite pens to use. seriously my sweets, y'all need to try the sharpie pens. they are wonderful. i bought a pack of 4 the other day and i have found my match.


Jen said...

i also am extremely picky when it comes to writing utensils. i choose Paper Mate Flair Felt-Tip Pens as my number one fave pen. it doesn't bleed through paper, comes in lots of colors AND has a cute little heart on the clip of the lid. YAY for finding joy in the small things!

Rachel said...

I also love the sharpie pen too! You need to try the retractable ones....amazing!