Thursday, November 19, 2009


i saw this neat little map over on my friend jen's blog awhile ago. tonight, black on what i wanted to do for a blog post, i thought i would try it.

i have not been to many states. only 19. i have been lucky to travel some in my life but 19 doesn't sound like many. it actually might be 20 or 21. i stared at michigan and pennslyvania for quite sometime. i think i went there as a kid. but i can't remember so i didn't count it.

and then i decided to see about the whole world....

i have been to 3.11% of the world. that seems so crazy.

i share this with you because recently i have thought about traveling a lot. i would love for the chance to travel some in my life. as i said before, i have been blessed to go some amazing places with my family. but i think it would be great to travel with A someday. I decided to make a list of places that i would love to see in my life. anywhere from savannah, georgia, to state of maine, to the greek islands, or even to new zealand. i don't know if the Lord has plans for me to visit any of these places but i thought it would be fun to make a list and see, years from now, if i can scratch any of my dreams off.

what places are you dreaming of visiting? any amazing places you have already been to?

do tell...
create your own map {here}


Lucianne said...

i dream about traveling too. i have been to Greece, and i would tell you don't die until you've visited there. i would love to visit Guam, Australia (when did you go there?!) and New Zealand. maybe with you.