Monday, November 23, 2009

a surprise

this weekend, i had no plans. that is, until A surprised me with tickets to the UK vs. UGA game in Athens. Athens is only about an hour from us and so Saturday afternoon, we made the trip down to UGA for the game.

it was so much fun. there was a good amount of UK fans at the game (we travel for our cats!). we did not get seats in the UK section so i was surrounded by red. but i didn't mind. gotta represent for the cats in the home section too. and i am pretty sure that i was disliked throughout the whole game. my friends will tell you, i have no shame when it comes to yelling and cheering loudly so that made it even better.

the game was amazing. well...i should rephrase that. the 1st half sucked. it was embarrassing. but then after halftime, we got our act together and in the 4th quarter, we were just downright awesome. our defense just kept going and getting fumbles and interceptions which made it even better. we ended up kicking some UGA tail and it made for a perfect night.

i also got to see some of my friends that came down for the game. some old YL kids came down for the UK game and i got to visit with them during halftime.

overall, it was a perfect saturday and just what the doctor ordered. i will leave you with a picture of A and I at the game (sporting our blue of course).



Courtney said...

How freakin' sweet! I would have LOVED to gone to GA for this game...especially since it turned out in our favor! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Jen said...

aaahhh!! YAY!! That makes me really happy Shan. Glad you had such a great time...& I'm sure you were screaming loud enough for the both of us!


Savannah said...

I was nominated for the Kreativ Blog Award a few days ago and I would like to pass one of my nominations along to you! You can see the instructions in my blog.
Thanks for sharing so many wonderful ideas and decorations!

Rachel said...

Oh I love going to UK games! So much fun!

Julie said...

That's an awesome surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sort of hoping you were going to say, "and then he proposed". While that would have been cute...

Who did you get to see? I MISS YOU!!!!!!