Friday, November 13, 2009

lovely friday

it is no secret how obsessed i am with everything anthropologie. i am in love. and this lovely friday is all about the anthropologie catalog.

i have recently started receiving the anthro catalog and love it. it is so pretty to look through. i love the outfits. i love the styling. i love the photography. it is such eye candy to look at. the models and sets are styled so beautifully. and the photography just makes my heart flutter as i flip through the pages.

if y'all don't get the anthro catalog, i would definitely recommend signing up for it. {you can do so here} i rarely buy anything because it is so expensive. but i can use it as inspiration for my fashion style and my home decorating.

and a little something extra this week. i was looking for a picture of an anthro catalog for this post and ran across this. and because it is almost the Christmas season, i think it will just make you smile. check out what this girl did for the top of her xmas tree.

that would be an anthro catalog used as a tree topper. love it.



Amy Kelly said...

I love Anthropologie as well. I only own a few of their teacups, a dessert plate and a few Christmas ornaments--all of which were either bought on eBay or on sale using a gift card. I drool over their clothing and housewares at least weekly. My last semester in the dorm before I got married I covered my walls with clippings from Anthropologie catalogs. I still remember it fondly, it was almost magical being surrounded by all the beautiful things on a daily basis... it felt as though they were mine.

Cory said...

yay! i just got my catalogue yesterday!! i've already looked through it twice :)

christi said...

i am with you ... love everything anthro. like that, we are on a first name basis! =)