Tuesday, November 3, 2009

welcome to my home

i have been promising this post for quite sometime now. so friends and family...i will finally take you on a tour of my SC apartment.

and blogger friends...please come along as well. 

before we start the tour, remember that my apartment (decorating) is not done forever. but it is done for now. and i think it is pretty girly and cute and just perfect for me. 

so take off your shoes and stay awhile. and {friends and family} i hope this makes you want to plan your visits soon. i am starting to get lonely down here (that is for another post...but prayers appreciated!)

so come on in...

When you first walk in, you step into my living room.
{the door there leads to my sweet little porch that i forgot to take a picture of}

This is the other side of my living room.
{Front door is to the right}

From the living room you can walk to the left which is my dining room/kitchen area.
{my dining room. my sis is drawing me some art for the wall on the right}

and this is my kitchen.
{you don't know how badly i want to paint/redo the cabinets. but alas...it's a rental}

I added that little shelf above my sink. it was wasted space so i fixed that.
{and i need as much storage space as i can get. i don't have much}

the other side of my kitchen.

from the kitchen i will take you into my bedroom.
{so girly and so much natural light...i love it}

and last {and pretty much least} the bathroom.
{nothing too exciting here. just a bathroom with some girly and whimsical touches}

and that concludes the apartment tour. i hope y'all liked it.
keep an eye of for cheap and sweet little steals out there my sweets. send them my way. like i said...i'm only done decorating for now!


Courtney said...

It's really cute!!! Very Southern and fit for a girl! Love it!

Rachel said...

I loved seeing your home the other weekend! I also love you! I hope that I get to see you soon. When are you coming to Lexington again?

Amy Kelly said...

Your apartment looks so feminine and cozy! I am totally jealous of your dining area. Your table + chairs are fabulous and I love all your sweet S details!

Margo said...

Your place looks adorable!!! We get to see it in person this weekend! Yay!!!

Love & kisses,
Mom, Dad & Morgan

Julie said...

Yay for your apartment!! I'd still like to see it in person, but we live in places that have the tiniest most expensive airports. :( I will come one day when I have more money. Or time to drive 10 hours. I promise!