Wednesday, November 11, 2009

a sweet little weekend

this weekend was one for the books. i had my second round of apartment visitors and it was so perfect. i absolutely love visitors from kentucky.

this weekend my family came in for a weekend visit. it was so fun. we went out for thai food on friday night. then on saturday i took them downtown to see greenville and saturday night we celebrated my 24th birthday a few days early. my mom made me spaghetti and meatballs (my request) along with one of my favorite cakes ever. its a chocolate chocolate chip cake. homemade. from scratch. beat that.

it was so wonderful. but as always, it went by too fast. it seemed like they had just arrived before i was waving them goodbye on sunday. but i feel incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful family. and i feel even more blessed that they got to come down for the weekend to celebrate. i loved spending each and every second with them.

some pictures of the perfection.



Morgan said...

I loved coming down to see you this weekend sister! Wish it could've lasted longer! I love you with alllll my heart!